Announcement of the Goodyear national account for ARPQ members


Quebec, September 27, 2013


Subject: Goodyear national account for all ARPQ members (1360916)


Dear members,


We are very pleased to announce the establishment of a national Goodyear account for all ARPQ members. From now on, across North America, you will benefit from a 45% discount on the retail price at all Goodyear retailers on the entire range of Goodyear new and reclaimed products. You will also benefit from the emergency service on Goodyear's Fleet HQ route. Just call 1-866-FLEETHQ (1-866-353-3847) to take advantage of the service, which is offered 24/24 with a roadside repair time of 2 hours or less.


Here's how the program works:


When a member goes to a retailer to buy new or used Goodyear products, the member must:


- Mention that he is a member of the ARPQ;

- Give the Goodyear account number 1360916

- Identify himself either with his membership card or with a temporary confirmation that he has joined the ARPQ;

- Pay with a credit card. (Note that there is no specific credit card linked to the member.) For its part, the retailer must: - Validate through the ARPQ website if the member is active;

- Bill the member on the ARPQ national account;

- Indicate the membership number as P / O;

- Make the member pay on the credit card;

- Give a copy to the member and indicate to the member that the copy of the invoice with the amounts will be provided by the ARPQ head office.


If you have any questions regarding the Goodyear National Account, please don't hesitate to contact us at 877-956-2777.