A transport association is something that has been in demand for many years. The laws that were passed recently prompted a group of truckers to create the Association des routiers professionals du Québec (ARPQ), whose objectives are to promote the professionalism of workers in the transportation industry and to allow truckers to take share in decisions that affect them. Who better than the person behind the wheel to do it? People's perception is often wrong about us. Indeed, she believes that truck drivers are delinquents and that the laws do not apply to them. However, we are very familiar with the laws and regulations that we face every day when we drive our truck. We also know that the penalties are very high, and with all the new programs and new laws, a carrier or a driver will not stay on the road long if he is an offender. We want to show people the evolution of driver training and the state of road equipment so that they see us as an essential service, not a public nuisance. We want to prove to people that truckers work safely by offering updates on the security component and on new developments in the trade. For example, instead of talking about the number of accidents involving a truck, we could show the population how many accidents a truck driver avoids daily thanks to the training he has received, his experience and his professionalism. "Road cowboys" no longer have their place on the roads these days, and we openly condemn them. In summary, we want to give a voice to road workers and improve the image that the population has of we. In addition, we want to encourage the training of truckers and want them to be recognized as professionals. The ARPQ exists to represent the little one before any government body. The ARPQ aims to now have a special place at the Table de Concertation sur la Sécurité Routière du Québec, to represent PEOPLE who earn their bread by the road.

Association des Routiers Professionnels du 

Quebec (ARPQ)


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